Now Open for In-Store Painting! Click here for store hours.

General Information


In-Store Painting is "AS EASY AS 1-2-3…"

  1. Piece: Simply walk-in, choose a piece of ceramic off the shelves.
  2. Paint: Friendly staff will go through easy ceramic painting instructions.
  3. Pickup: leave item for 1 week to be clear glazed and kiln fired to make it fully functional.


Shop Online

  1. Browse through our most popular pieces and collections online. HUGE selection in store, not posted online!
  2. Select your piece(s) and add CLEAR GLAZE/FIRE option 
  3. Add paints & brushes if needed.
  4. We’ll prepare your order within 48 hours for pick-up at the studio or chose delivery (click here) to your home.
  5. Return your painted piece(s) to the store with easy curbside drop-off to be professionally glazed and kiln-fired to a brilliant food-safe finish.
  6. Items are ready 1 week later.

PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS (click here to open instructions) 

KILN FIRING (click here)