Now Open for In-Store Painting! Click here for store hours.

General Information

1st come 1st served 

NO RESERVATIONS (unless booking party of 10+people, see party page)


In-Store Painting is "AS EASY AS 1-2-3…"

  1. Piece: Simply walk-in (no reservations) choose a piece of ceramic off the shelves.
  2. Paint: Friendly staff will go through easy ceramic painting instructions.
  3. Pickup: leave item for 1.5 weeks to be clear glazed and kiln fired to make it fully functional. (more info on Our Studio)

Items are ready 1.5 weeks later & held for 45 days

HOLD items may be continued on WEEKDAYS ONLY    (not available during Reading week Feb 18-26)


Shop Online

  1. Browse through our most popular pieces and collections online. HUGE selection in store, not posted online!
  2. Select your piece(s) and add CLEAR GLAZE/FIRE option 
  3. Add paints & brushes if needed.
  4. We’ll prepare your order within 48 hours for pick-up at the studio.
  5. Return your painted piece(s) to the store with easy curbside drop-off to be professionally glazed and kiln-fired to a brilliant food-safe finish.
  6. Items are ready 1.5 weeks later and guaranteed available for 45 days.

PAINTING INSTRUCTIONS (click here to open instructions) 

KILN FIRING (click here)