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Collection: Paint Selection

Add paint colour(s) to your cart before checkout.  Make sure you selected Glaze/Fire option to have item(s) kiln fired so fully functional & food safe.  If you already have paint, piece(s) still need Glaze/Fire option. But check the colour chart, maybe we have added the perfect one! Pieces are naturally white, white paint only for reflections/accent.

Paint will not expire.  Can be reconstituted with water anytime. Please visit Paint Instruction Page.

No other paint types may be kiln fired.

Recommended Paint Amounts:

Items $17 & under: 4 oz

$18 - $24:                6 oz

$25 - $32:                7 oz

$33 - $44                 8 oz

$45+                        9 oz

Dont forget  brushes!

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