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Kids Party Info & Pricing Guide


Minimum 10 kids, private party room & staff. Last 1/2 hour is for food, drinks, cake, presents etc😀

There is a minimum of 10 kids required, if you have less you will still have to pay for 10.  Up to 3 or 4 attending adults is fine for the birthday child, but parents of guests are expected to drop-off. It’s important not to plan or intend the party as a get together opportunity for the adults.  We are sorry this is necessary to say but that’s just not covered by payment for standard party. You are welcome to come in 15 minutes early & you have 15 minutes to exit so we can set up for next group.  Available to start in morning (10:30/11am) & midday (1/1:30pm) times slots only on weekends, anytime weekdays. Appreciated  


1.5 hour party : 1 hour instruction/painting – 1/2 hour for the party (ie. sing Happy Birthday. open presents, play games). Recommended for ages 5 years and older $27.95 per person weekends ($26.95 weekday rate). Includes mug, bowl & figurines. Party rate is for our pre-selected party items only

CREATIVE CLAY-  build your own masterpiece out of clay and paint it!

2 hour party:  1 1⁄2 hour making & painting creations – 1/2 hour for the party (sing Happy Birthday. open presents, play games). Recommended for ages 7 years and older $29.95 per person weekend ($28.95 pp weekday)
Staff demonstrate coil, slab & pinch pottery techniques as well as free form building (ie figurines) or use of press forms as molds.

Additional time available $48/half hour 

Parties are allowed 15 minutes before & after reserved party time.  If exceeded, you will be billed additional 1/2 hour fee.  


Take-out kit available for pickup, includes items required to run a party – 10 colours, instructions, palettes, brushes etc. (except paper towels and water cups). $25.95/child minimum 10. Items are ONLY specific preselected shapes including party mug, bowl or figurines.  Select all of same shape (suggested so no disappointment) or have each kid choose their shape, but we need 48 hours to pack.  Kit must be returned within one week.  $50 party kit deposit required. Items are then kiln fired and ready about a week later.
Call store to arrange 416-466-8474.

If you want full selection of our items then regular take out rates apply with paint purchase- NO Kit.


All party items must be kiln fired.  They are then wrapped with child’s name on it & whole party is boxed for pickup, no individual pickup.
Ceramics are ready 1/1.5 weeks later (must be fired once). Clay is ready 2/2.5 weeks later. (must dry or it will explode in kiln firing, then has to be clear glazed & fired again). 

If kids are 5 or under please know that attention spans may not be extremely long (even if your child’s is, other children invited may not have same) and the painting is the activity. Crayons & paper, straws and connectors are available but you may bring other activities. I recommend customers book next year if younger than 5, we want your business but we want happy customers.

Please call the store directly to make a reservation as they have the most up to date party information. We require a $50 deposit to make a firm reservation and can email online invoice (Visa/MC/Debit/PayPal,/Google Pay, etc..) or pay in person in store. The deposit will be refunded the day of the party. 

10 day minumum for cancellations.