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Kiln Firing

Full kiln  $120           DEC pricing:  Full kiln $145  
3/4 kiln    $93                                   3/4 kiln  $115  
1/2 kiln    $65                                    1/2 kiln $80
1/4 kiln    $35                                    1/4 kiln $45

In Store Purchase Only

NO items will be accepted on weekends in Nov/Dec, weekdays only  

We ONLY low fire. ie cone 05 (cone 5 is 1000 degrees hotter)  
Different temperature requires full kiln. 

NO GUARANTEE on outside items.  
Items must be completely dry when brought in (ie min 2 weeks & sometimes that’s not long enough). We will not keep partially dry items here because too delicate.
Greenware (raw clay creation) requires 1/4 kiln to full kiln because it may explode if not completely dry. 
Glaze fire is additional firing charge but that can be by piece or partial to full kiln. ONLY ceramic paints/glazes may be fired in kiln.

 Kiln Size Useable Space

24" deep x 26" across

Please feel free to contact us of you have any questions.