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Working With Clay at Home

NO GUARANTEES on clay firing. We do not know how it was created, transported or if it is completely dry.

Clay should never be thinner than 1cm, any part, even add ons, because it will break off easily.

Must SCORE & SLIP ALL pieces to attach. It will fall off later when it is drying if is not attached properly, even if it seems secure at first. (Make slip by putting small amount of clay in water overnight, little pieces are better. Mix until consistency of glue, store in air tight container)
BASIC score & slip instructions;

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Ceramic clay MUST be kiln-fired before it is painted.

Low fire kiln rental is available by ¼, ½, ¾ & Full kiln. Pricing respectively is $35, $65, $93 & $120.

Kiln usable space is 2’ deep and 26” across.

If pottery has never been fired you must pay for ¼ kiln minimum so if it explodes, from interior moisture, it does not affect my other pieces. Items must be completely dry when brought in (ie minimum 2 weeks & sometimes that’s not long enough). We will not keep partially dry items at the store until they are ready. Staff will not be able to tell if pieces are dry from looking at them.

I fire at cone 05, which is fine for items being fired cone 04-06. (Low fire is cone 03-06... (cone 3-6 high fire is 500 degrees hotter)). If you need different temp it requires full kiln rental.

If you require clear glaze & kiln fire after bisque firing & painting, that is an additional firing charge per piece ($3.50-12.50/item dependent on size)
No guarantees on outside items. One week turnover.